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Albirex Players: Musashi Suzuki [Squad/Transfer]

Musashi Suzuki
鈴木 武蔵(スズキ ムサシ)

Jersey No. 28

Born:Gumma, 11 Feb. 1994

He is a striker with a strength is dribble with a sprint ability.

He is a son between Jamaican father and Japanese mother. He was born in Jamaica but was raised in Gumma, Japan. Before he joins Albirex Niigata, he played for high school team with whom he participate in all Japan high school tournament as a representatives of Gumma pref. He contributed to progress to the last eight in the competition with including hat trick in the first game.  He was selected a letter winner of the competition. Also, he plays U-17 World Cup as a Japan international.

At Niigata past two years, however he didn't get satisfying results due to repeated injuries, He has gradually increased playing time.

Also, He is expected as an ace striker of the Japan U-21 team who aims to go to Olympic games in Rio, Brazil in 2016. 

1st Appearance for Albirex
4 April 2012, J league Cup(Nabisco cup) against Shimizu Spulse
Played 45 mins as a substitute

1st Apperance to J league
19 May 2012 against Jubilo Iwata
Played 45 minutes as a substitute.

1st Goal for Albirex
27th June 2012, J league Cup(Nabisco Cup) against Omiya
Scored stoppage time winner

1st league Goal
25th May 2013 J1 against Kawasaki Frontale 

Professional Careers
SeasonLeagueteamJersey No.League(Goals)L.C.(G)E.C.(G)

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Albirex Niigata 1-0 Vegalts Sendai [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 1-0 Vegalts Sendai
J League Div.1 Game23 @ Denka Big Swan Stadium
13 Septeber 2014


Yanagishita, Manager
 We stayed focused on playing the very hard game until the end of the game.

 The difficult is positioning at the start considering diffense of Sendai.They made pressure on our two of volante players not to keep the ball. The key point was whether our Atomu, Kosuke Yamamoto and Tatsuya could attack using the space aside of oppornent's tomita. In the first half, we utilized it but not effectively.

 In the second half, we have gradually got rhythm, Such heavy rain made both team difficult to use short passes. However We did with high concentration on attacking oppornents and defending our goal.

 We got three points at last. We have to prepare to continue getting points. 

OB's Best Player:Leo Silva: Made a precious winner by fantastic freekick!

Goals:Niigata:Leo Silva(77min:4th)
Member(Only Niigata):Morita,
                Naruoka(7:T.Tatsuya > 74:Okamoto),Ibusuki

Subs Not Used:Kurokawa,Son,Kawaguchi,Kato

Standing: 11th >>> 11th 31pts(W8 D7 L8) GD-5(GF19 GA24)

Next Game: 20th September J1 Game24 against Hiroshima(A) 

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Albirex Players: Ken Matsubara [Squad/Transfer]

Ken Matsubara
松原 健(マツバラ ケン)

Ken Matsubara is loaned from J2 side Oita Trinita until the end of the season. He plays right back as well as Naoki Kawaguchi. those of two are rivals as well at the Japan's U21 international who aims Rio Olympics 2014. 

The 21 year old has played for top team of Oita since he was a youth team players. His strength is to continue attacking and defending by utilizing his stamina. 

He got a regular position from the start of the season and to contribute attacking from right side.

In September he got a first call for Japan seneior team (but couldn't play the game)
Matsubara's international Result


Jersey No. 27
Born:Oita, 16 Feb. 1993

Professional Careers
SeasonLeagueteamJersey No.League(Goals)L.C.(G)E.C.(G)

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Matsubara's international result [National Duty]

DF Ken Matsubara was called for Japan international team. They played two matches which were the first two games under their new coach Javier Aguire reign. Although he used most of squad member, Matsubara couldn't get a chance to play. 

Here are Matsubara's comment on the call.
"Despite I was chargined not to play the games, The call itself stimulated me."
"International team is very different one. quality of even the prctice is different. There were many things that I should steal from oversea players with various experience.
"I could't play because I don't have enough ability."
"Difference is strongness As for diffence, especially one on one situation  you must not lose the situtation. 


Japan 0-2 Uruguay(5 Sep. 2014)
Matsubara:No apperance

Japan 2-2 Venezuela(9 Sep. 2014)
Matsubara:No apperance

 Albirex Players:Ken Matsubara


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