Albirex Players are in the Olympic Games [National Duty]

Three albirex players are named in the member of the Japan who challenge London Olympic Games starting this month.
Daisuke Suzuki and Gotoku Sakai(currently loaned to German outfit Vfb Stuttgart) are for male team while Megumi Kamionobe is called as a back up member of women's Nadeshiko Japan.
The male team called them for 8th -11th July(for friendly match against New Zealand in 11th)  and for 15th July to 13th August(for Olympic). Due to this call, Daisuke Suzuki will miss the league matches against FC Toky(28th Jul.), Kashiwa(4th Aug.) and against Yokohama(11th Aug.).
On the other hand, Kamionobe is absent from the team from 9th Jul. to 11th Aug. Any competition will not be held for the period.



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