1: Four Debutant [Numbers]

 Four of Albirex Niigata winter signings DF Tomisawa, MF Hara, Thiago Galhardo and FW Roni made the first appearance for the team in a J League opening game last weekend. Furthermore Roni, Galhardo and Hara made J League debut. As for Hara, He also opened his professionl appearance acccount.

 In the game Tomisawa led to solid defense as a veteran player. Hara played full time with unrookielike calm performance. Roni threatened oppornets with his speed several times and assisted an Tanaka's equlizer from a counter attack. Galhardo played final 9 minutes as a substitute but showed his glimpse to us by passing thrugh ball to Roni.

Hope them to keep playing well for Niigata.

Player Info.
 -Seitaro Tomisawa
 -Teruki Hara
 -Thiagao Galhardo

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Albirex 1-1 Sanfrecce : Tanaka saves the team [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 1-1 Sanfrecce Hiroshima

J League Div.1 Game1 @ EDION stadium Hiroshima
25 February 2017
In first half albirex created some chances. Niigata showed stable defence, which led good counter attacks.
In 3mins, Yamazaki's shot in and from penalty area was just wide after Rony passed a ball with his heal after sneaking a penalty area with counter attack. Three minutes later Yano threatened the goal again but his header from corner kick hit a left post of the goal. In 36 mins
Rony's shot in penalty area was denied by fine save by GK Hironaga after he was released with his speed by Yamazaki's through ball from Niigata's half.
 In 2nd half Hiroshima gradually got able to attacks Niigata goal and in 57 mins Hiroshima made an opener. Morita stopped Mizumoto's free header from right corner but the deflection was pushed into the goal by Hiroshima's new signing Kudo.
After that, the home side treated the ball well and it seemed that Niigata got unable to creat chances.
 However It comes to Niigata in 71 mins when substitute Tanaka levelled the game by shotting the centering from Rony who released by long feed from Niigata's back line. The game became even and Niigata looked a little bit lively. But in 82 Yano got the second
yellow card and he was sent off. In closing 10 minutes Niigata managed to defend the score line and got thier first point of the season.

Positive Points
-Get one point from opening game, away game and game against big club, Hiroshima(also draw from behind).
-All players undestand strategy(speedy attacks and solid defence)
-Four players make debut for Niigata(Rony, Hara, Tomisawa, Galhardo)
-Sakai's freekick(In 50 minute free kick is spectacular. It was just wide of the goal but he would be a candidate of kicker.
Negative Points
-counterattacks and set pieces are only variations of attacking.
-One-off attacking.(Not leading to successive attack)
-Yano's sent off with reckless challenge. He is expected to be suspended next game.
-Rony and Yamazaki don't have height so they can't beat oppornents for high ball like Goal kick.
Miura, Manager
Thank you for the game. First of all, I would like to thank Many of Niigata supporters who came to far away place and encouraged us. We could get well into the game in an early part and created two big chances but couldn't take them.
And then strong Hiroshima gradually had been taking a pace but we organised the defense firmly without being impatient and managed to keep scoreless in the first half. I told my players to keep the tactics in second half and not to miss the big chance  to come occasionaly.
In such circunstance, it was pitty that we conceded a goal from set piece that we had warned, but we got a good goal from counter attacks. Although after one player was sent off, all our players defended well with solid combination and got precious one point. I am pleased to have good players.


Nigata:Yamazaki(36:Caution),Sakai(42:C),Yano(67:C, 82:C >>> Sent Off)
Member(Only Niigata):
GK Morita DF Yano, Tomisawa, Ono, Sakai MF Hara, Koizumi, Kato, Naruoka(58min: Tanaka) FW Yamazaki(81:Thiago Galhardo), Rony(90+5:Homma)
Subs Not Used:Otani, Song, Maeno, Hiramatsu

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Albirex Players: Tatsuya Tanaka [Squad/Transfer]

Update:13 February 2017

Tatsuya Tanaka
田中 達也(タナカ タツヤ)

Jersey No. 14
Born:Yamaguchi, 27 Nov. 1982

Professional Careers

SeasonLeagueteamJersey No.League(Goals)L.C.(G)E.C.(G)

First Professional Game/First J League Game:29 Apr. 2001 Urawa vs Kashima(J League 1st Div.)
First Professional Goal/First J League Goal:6th May 2001 Urawa vs Tokyo V.(J League 1st Div.) 
Albirex Debut:2 Mar. 2013 Niigta vs C.Osaka(J League 1st Div.)
First Albirex Goal:18th May 2013 Niigata vs Oita Trinita(J League 1st Div.)

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Albirex Players: Masaru Kato [Squad/Transfer]


Masaru Kato
加藤 大(カトウ マサル)

Jersey No. 13
Born:Fukuoka, 7 May 1991
Former Club: Mitsubishi Yowa- Niigata- Ehime(Loan)

Masaru Kato joined from Mitsubishi Yowa SC youth in 2010.
In 2012 he had moved to J2 side Ehime on loan he played a regular role with 61 appearance and 11 goals in two seasons.
In 2014 He had came back to Niigata and year by year he has incleased games to play.
According to Opta data, He is the one of the most longest running men in a game.

Professional Careers

SeasonLeagueteamJersey No.League(Goals)L.C.(G)E.C.(G)

Albirex Debut/First Professional Game/First J League Game; 11 September 2010 Niigta vs G.Osaka(J League 1st Div.)
First J League Goal; 21 October 2012 Ehime vs Machida(J League 2nd Div.)
First Albirex Goal/First J1 Goal; 20 June 2015(J League 1st Div.)

Albirex Players: Ryohei Yamazaki [Squad/Transfer]


山崎 亮平(ヤマザキ リョウヘイ)

Jersey No. 9
Born:Niigata, 14 March. 1989

Ryohei Yamazaki joined Niigata from Jubilo Iwata in 2015 after he spent 8 seasons at Iwata where he had begun his professinal career and contributed to winning the league cup in 2010

He had got a regular role soon after his participation to Niigata.
His dribling always thretens opppornents.

Professional Careers

SeasonLeagueteamJersey No.League(Goals)L.C.(G)E.C.(G)
2007J1Iwata 290(0)1(0)0(0)
2008J1Iwata 296(0)1(0)0(0)
2009J1Iwata 250(0)0(0)0(0)
2010J1Iwata 254(0)5(2)2(0)
2011J1Iwata 2519(4)4(1)2(0)
2012J1Iwata 926(2)3(1)3(2)
2013J1Iwata 921(4)4(3)1(1)
2014J2Iwata 939(8)-(-)2(2)
2015J1Niigata 933(5)9(4)0(0)
2016J1Niigata 928(2)4(1)1(1)

First Professional Game: 9 May 2007 Iwata vs Oita(J League Cup)
First J1 League Game: 30 March 2008 Iwata vs Kobe(J League 1st Div.)
First Professional Goal: 10 October 2010 Iwata vs Kawasaki(J League CUP)
First J1 League Goal; 7 May. 2011 Iwata vs Yamagata(J League 1st Div.)
Albirex Debut: 7 March 2015 Niigata vs Tosu(J League 1st Div.)
Albirex First Goal: 8 April 2015 Niigata vs Tosu(J League Cup)