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Albirex Niigata 1-1 Yokohama F. Marinos [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 1-1 Yokohama F. Marinosa

J League Div.1 Game4 @ Nissan Stadium
19 March 2017


Positive Points

Negative Points

Miura, Manager
2600 suppporters came from Niigata to back up us while we had not got wininning 3 points since the league begun. At first, I am very grateful for it. I really wanted to ggive them three points though.

In the balanced game, we conceded a goal but we weren't waved to keep defending with patience and then leveled by taking one chance.
In second half, we were forced in under attack much of time but managed to cope with to get a point.



Member(Only Niigata):
GK Otani DF Yano,Ono, Song, Sakai MF Hara(77min:Homma), Koizumi, Kato, Yamazaki FW Galhardo(64:Suzuki), Roni(83:Tanaka)

Subs Not Used:Morita, Kawaguchi, Nishimura, Naruoka

Standing:15th >>> 16th 2Pts(W0 D2 L2) GD-3(GF3 GA6)
Full Standings(J League Official Web Page)

Next Game: Against G.Osaka 1st April KO14:00


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Levain Cup:Albirex Niigata 2-2 Sagan Tosu [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 2-2 Sagan Tosu

J League YBC Levain Cup Group B Game1 @ Best Amenity Stadium
19 March 2017


Positive Points

Negative Points


Niigata:Tanaka(66min, 90+1)
Tosu:Mizuno(22), Takahashi(90)


Member(Only Niigata):
GK Otani DF Kawaguchi,Nishimura, Song, Horigome MF Romero Frank, Hara(59:Homma), Kato(59:Tanaka), Hayama FW Galhardo(71:Hiramatsu), Suzuki

Subs Not Used:Kawanami, Masuda, G.Sakai, Kawata

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Albirex Niigata 0-2 Shimizu S-pulse [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 0-2 Shimizu S-pulse

J League Div.1 Game3 @ DENKA BIG SWAN Stadium
11 March 2017

Albirex Niigata's 150 win remains on hold as they were defeated 0-2 by orange rivals Shimizu.

In the first half was 50-50 game.Shimizu kept the ball and Niigata seeked counter attacks.
But Niigata concentrated to defend at the last line so that the visitor couldn't have good chances.

 In second half Niigata gradually made chances with shots from mid range by Koizumi, Hara and Kato
 But in 75 min it was shimizu to take a lead as FW Tesse met the Edamura's cross from left with a diving header after they shaked Niigata's defence by passing from central area to the right flank. Niigata took players to make power plays to level but concended a decesive goal by a counter attack in the stoppage time.

Positive Points
-Two defensive half Koizumi and Hara keep their good condition and improve themselves game by game. Niigata's attack always comes from their defence.

-Kato's inexhaustible run which you can find him anywhere and his precise kick. in 55 min his long range shot was spectacular, which was inches wide regrettably.

-Yano's height. In 39 min Yano's header from a left corner hit the bar, which was the best chance for the home side. also He beat the oppornents in aerial battle for some time in closing minute' power play.

Negative Points
-Lack of attacking variation. Exclusive devotion to Roni's lone effort from counter attack.  Although improved in second half....

Miura, Manager
 First of all, I felt very frustrated because near 31 thousands of supporters came but we counldn't repay their supports.
 The game became a contest in endurance as expected. In first half we also made a big chance from set piece but it continued a development of patience for each other. In such circumstances I considered we would change the pace to get goals and three points. Although we could get the pace to some extent and make chances, to call "air pockets" we were one step behind to treat the cross and concede the goal. We tried to attack for goals with incurring risks, but couldn't get and conceded the second goals from a counter.

Shimizu:Tese(76min), Matsubara(90+3)


Member(Only Niigata):
GK Morita
DF Yano, Ono, Song, N.Sakai
MF Hara, Koizumi, Kato, Naruoka(61:Tanaka)
FW Yamazaki(77:Suzuki),Roni(85:Thiago Galhardo)

Subs Not Used:Otani,Kawaguchi,Nishimura, Homma

Standing:11th >>> 15th 1PT GD-3(GF2 GA5)
Full Standings(J League Official Web Page)

Next Game: Against Tosu 15th March KO19:00(League Cup Group stage Game1)


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2017 Orange League [Match/Competition]

Whom does "Orange" shirts fit best ?
It has nothing to do with league postion,
Battle just for pride of "orange"
That is "Orange League"
This is unofficial contest competed among J1's three Orange teams, Shimizu Spulse, Omiya Ardija and Albirex Niigata.
The position is determined only from the results of orange derby games in J1 leauge.
If win, they would get nothging but the Pride.
This season Shimizu are to the competition!
Who will win the Orange pride?

Game Schedule 2017
-Simizu - Omiya(16th Apr.)
-Niigata - Omiya(17 Jun.)
-Omiya - Niigata(13 Aug.)
-Omiya - Shimizu(TBD)
-Shimizu - Niigata(26th Nov.)
Orange League Winners(Since 2004)
2015:Niigata Shimizu(Tie)

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Albirex Niigata 1-2 Vissel Kobe: Loss at Kobe [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 1-2 Vissel Kobe

J League Div.1 Game2 @ Noevir stadium Kobe
4 March 2017

 Niigata let the game leveled by Tanaka'second successive goal in 75 min but gave the winner for Kobe from the immediate corner kick.
The home side opened their account just three minutes from the start when Hirohumi Watanabe slotted home the deflection in the confuion in the area following a Fuita's long throw-in.

 From around 35 min, the visitor gradually took a control of the game. In 39 min, Kato's cetering from the deep right passed over the Goal Keeper toward Naruoka who ran far side, which however was blocked the Kobe DF Takaharashu's last-ditch defense. Three minutes later Yamazaki's superb half volley from outside the box forced the keeper fine save to the corner kick.

 After the break Kobe dominated again and created chances from short counters back to back like Watanabe's shot from inside the area denied by the bar.

 But it was Albirex who scored next. In 75 min Tanaka pushed deflection in the far net from the tight angle of the left after Yamazaki headed the Kawaguchi's cross, which forced the keeper palm the ball. Substitute Tanaka made a goal again following the opening match against Hiroshima last week which seemed to boost the team.

 However Kobe added the winner from corner kick just a minute later.Hideto Takahashi changed a course of Watanabe's shot in fron of the goal with his very first touch after he substited in.Niigata introduced substitutes FW Suzuki and MF Galhardo late minutes of the game but couldn't open Kobe's defense again.

Positive Points
-Tanaka's consecutive goals in two games.The team now have got a reliable substitute joker.
-Using side attacks like a Tanaka's goal scene which you couldn't see in the last opening match.
-Rookie Hara who quickly has adapted to the team and already looks a necessary player with his defensive versatile ability.

Negative Points
-All three conceded goals in this season including two from this match comes from set pieces and the three were form second play or deflection.
-No Height in aerial battle from set pieces. Yano's absense made things worse.
-Thiago Galhardo's unnecessary booking. In short playing time he just left bitter taste.



Nigata:N.Sakai(31), Galhardo(90+2)

Member(Only Niigata):
GK Morita
DF Kawaguchi(84min:Suzuki), Tomisawa, Ono, Sakai
MF Hara, Koizumi, Kato, Naruoka(67:Tanaka)
FW Yamazaki(90+1:Thiago Galhardo),Roni

Subs Not Used:Otani,Nishimura, Song, Homma

Next Game: Against Shimizu 11th March KO15:30

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Albirex 1-1 Sanfrecce : Tanaka saves the team [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 1-1 Sanfrecce Hiroshima

J League Div.1 Game1 @ EDION stadium Hiroshima
25 February 2017
In first half albirex created some chances. Niigata showed stable defence, which led good counter attacks.
In 3mins, Yamazaki's shot in and from penalty area was just wide after Rony passed a ball with his heal after sneaking a penalty area with counter attack. Three minutes later Yano threatened the goal again but his header from corner kick hit a left post of the goal. In 36 mins
Rony's shot in penalty area was denied by fine save by GK Hironaga after he was released with his speed by Yamazaki's through ball from Niigata's half.
 In 2nd half Hiroshima gradually got able to attacks Niigata goal and in 57 mins Hiroshima made an opener. Morita stopped Mizumoto's free header from right corner but the deflection was pushed into the goal by Hiroshima's new signing Kudo.
After that, the home side treated the ball well and it seemed that Niigata got unable to creat chances.
 However It comes to Niigata in 71 mins when substitute Tanaka levelled the game by shotting the centering from Rony who released by long feed from Niigata's back line. The game became even and Niigata looked a little bit lively. But in 82 Yano got the second
yellow card and he was sent off. In closing 10 minutes Niigata managed to defend the score line and got thier first point of the season.

Positive Points
-Get one point from opening game, away game and game against big club, Hiroshima(also draw from behind).
-All players undestand strategy(speedy attacks and solid defence)
-Four players make debut for Niigata(Rony, Hara, Tomisawa, Galhardo)
-Sakai's freekick(In 50 minute free kick is spectacular. It was just wide of the goal but he would be a candidate of kicker.
Negative Points
-counterattacks and set pieces are only variations of attacking.
-One-off attacking.(Not leading to successive attack)
-Yano's sent off with reckless challenge. He is expected to be suspended next game.
-Rony and Yamazaki don't have height so they can't beat oppornents for high ball like Goal kick.
Miura, Manager
Thank you for the game. First of all, I would like to thank Many of Niigata supporters who came to far away place and encouraged us. We could get well into the game in an early part and created two big chances but couldn't take them.
And then strong Hiroshima gradually had been taking a pace but we organised the defense firmly without being impatient and managed to keep scoreless in the first half. I told my players to keep the tactics in second half and not to miss the big chance  to come occasionaly.
In such circunstance, it was pitty that we conceded a goal from set piece that we had warned, but we got a good goal from counter attacks. Although after one player was sent off, all our players defended well with solid combination and got precious one point. I am pleased to have good players.


Nigata:Yamazaki(36:Caution),Sakai(42:C),Yano(67:C, 82:C >>> Sent Off)
Member(Only Niigata):
GK Morita DF Yano, Tomisawa, Ono, Sakai MF Hara, Koizumi, Kato, Naruoka(58min: Tanaka) FW Yamazaki(81:Thiago Galhardo), Rony(90+5:Homma)
Subs Not Used:Otani, Song, Maeno, Hiramatsu

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2017 Albirex Niigata Game Schedule [Match/Competition]

Update:26 Jan. 2017

J League 1st Division

 1 25 Feb. 14:00 Hiroshima Away
 2  4 Mar. 16:00 Kobe      Away

 3 11 Mar. 15:30 Shimizu   Home
 4 18 Mar. 14:00 Yokohama  Away
 5  1 Apr. 14:00 G.Osaka   Home
 6  8 Apr. 15:00 Tosu      Away
 7 16 Apr. 13:00 Kofu      Away

 8 22 Apr. 16:00 Tokyo     Home
 9 30 Apr. 14:00 Kashiwa   Home
10  5 May  15:00 Kawasaki  Away
11 14 May  14:00 Urawa     Home
12 20 May  14:00 Sapporo   Home
13 28 May  13:00 Sendai    Away
14  4 Jun. 15:00 C.Osaka   Away

15 17 Jun. 19:00 Omiya     Home
16 25 Jun. 18:30 Kashima   Away
17  1 Jul. 19:00 Iwata     Home
18  9 Jul. 18:30 Urawa     Away
19 30 Jul. 19:00 Tokyo     Away

20  5 Aug. 19:00 Yokohama  Home
21  9 Aug. 19:00 Kawasaki  Home
22 13 Aug. 19:00 Omiya     Away
23 19or20 Aug. TBD   Sendai    Home *Date is not comfirmed yet
24 26 Aug. TBD   Kashiwa   Away
25  9or10 Sep. TBD   Hiroshima Home *Date is not comfirmed yet
26 16or17 Sep. TBD   Kashima   Home *Date is not comfirmed yet
27 23 Sep. TBD   Sapporo   Away
28 30 Sep.or 1 Oct TBD   Kobe      Home *Date is not comfirmed yet
29 14or15 Oct. TBD   G.Osaka   Away *Date is not comfirmed yet
30 21or22 Oct. TBD   Iwata     Away *Date is not comfirmed yet

31 29 Oct. TBD   Tosu      Home
32 18 Nov. TBD   Kofu      Home
33 26 Nov. TBD   Shimizu   Away
34  2 Dec. TBD   C.Osaka   Home

J League YBC Levain Cup Group RD. Group B
 1 15 Mar. 19:00 Tosu      Away
 2 12 Apr. 19:00 Hiroshima Home
 3 26 Apr. 19:30 Yokohama  Away
 4  3 May  No Game
 5 10 May  19:00 C.Osaka   Away
 6 24 May  19:00 Kofu      Home
 7 31 May  19:00 Kobe      Home

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2015 Season Albirex Niigata Fixture [Match/Competition]

Update 19 February 2015

2015 J League Division 1 1st Stage
17 Mar 14:00TosuABest Amenity Stadium
214 Mar 13:00ShimizuHBig Swan
322 Mar 14:00KashiwaHBig Swan
44 Apr 15:00KawasakiATodoriki Stadium
512 Apr 19:00KashimaAKashima Stadium
618 Apr 14:00KobeHBig Swan
726 Apr 14:00G.OsakaABampaku Stadium
829 Apr 14:00F.TokyoHBig Swan
92 May 18:30MatsumotoAMatsumotodaira Park Stadium
106 May 14:00YamagataHBig Swan
1110 May 14:00Yokoham FMANissan Stadium
1216 May 14:00SendaiHBig Swan
1323 May 19:00HiroshimaAEDION Stadium
1430 May 13:00KofuHBig Swan
157 Jun 16:00NagoyaHBig Swan
1620 Jun 16:00ShonanAShonan BMW Stadium
1727 Jun 19:00UrawaASaitama Stadium
2015 J League Division 1 2nd Stage
111 Jul TBDKashimaHBig Swan
215 Jul TBDF.TokyoAAjinomoto Stadium
319 Jul TBDTosuHBig Swan
425 Jul TBDYamagataANDsoft Stadium
529 Jul TBDG.OsakaHBig Swan
612 Aug TBDUrawaHBig Swan
716 Aug TBDShimizuAIAI Stadium Nihondaira
822 Aug TBDHiroshimaHBig Swan
929 Aug TBDSendaiAYurtec Stadium Sendai
1012 Sep TBDYokohama FMHBig Swan
1119 Sep TBDKobeAKobe Univer Stadium
1226 Sep TBDKawasakiHBig Swan
133 Oct TBDKofuAYamanashi Chuo Bank Stadium
1417 Oct TBDMatsumotoHBig Swan
1524 Oct TBDNagoyaANagoya Mizuho Athletics Stadium
167 Nov TBDShonanHBig Swan
1722 Nov TBDKashiwaAHitachi Kashiwa Stadium
2012 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup
GL118 Mar 19:00F.TokyoAAjinomoto Stadium
GL228 Mar 14:00HiroshimaHBig Swan
GL38 Apr 19:00TosuHBig Swan
GL422 Apr 19:00KofuAYamanashi Chuo Bank Stadium
GL520 May 14:00---
GL627 May 19:00ShonanHBig Swan
GL73 Jun 19:00MatsumotoAMatsumotodaira Park Stadium

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Albirex Niigata 3-0 Kawasaki Frontale [Match/Competition]

J League Div.1 Game27 @ Denka Big Swan Stadium
5 October 2014




Member(Only Niigata):Morita,
                R.Silva(88:Suzuki), Ibusuki

Subs Not Used:Kurokawa,Son,Kato,T.Tanaka

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Albirex Niigata 1-0 Nagoya Grampus [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 1-0 Nagoya Grampus
J League Div.1 Game26 @ Nagoya Mizuho Stadium
27 Septeber 2014




         Nagoya:Taguchi(21:C),Domingues(80:C, 82:C >> Sentoff)        
Member(Only Niigata):Morita,
                R.Silva(90+5:Okamoto), Ibusuki

Subs Not Used:Kurokawa,Son,Kato,T.Tanaka

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