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Albirex Niigata 0-2 Shimizu S-pulse [Match/Competition]

Albirex Niigata 0-2 Shimizu S-pulse

J League Div.1 Game3 @ DENKA BIG SWAN Stadium
11 March 2017

Albirex Niigata's 150 win remains on hold as they were defeated 0-2 by orange rivals Shimizu.

In the first half was 50-50 game.Shimizu kept the ball and Niigata seeked counter attacks.
But Niigata concentrated to defend at the last line so that the visitor couldn't have good chances.

 In second half Niigata gradually made chances with shots from mid range by Koizumi, Hara and Kato
 But in 75 min it was shimizu to take a lead as FW Tesse met the Edamura's cross from left with a diving header after they shaked Niigata's defence by passing from central area to the right flank. Niigata took players to make power plays to level but concended a decesive goal by a counter attack in the stoppage time.

Positive Points
-Two defensive half Koizumi and Hara keep their good condition and improve themselves game by game. Niigata's attack always comes from their defence.

-Kato's inexhaustible run which you can find him anywhere and his precise kick. in 55 min his long range shot was spectacular, which was inches wide regrettably.

-Yano's height. In 39 min Yano's header from a left corner hit the bar, which was the best chance for the home side. also He beat the oppornents in aerial battle for some time in closing minute' power play.

Negative Points
-Lack of attacking variation. Exclusive devotion to Roni's lone effort from counter attack.  Although improved in second half....

Miura, Manager
 First of all, I felt very frustrated because near 31 thousands of supporters came but we counldn't repay their supports.
 The game became a contest in endurance as expected. In first half we also made a big chance from set piece but it continued a development of patience for each other. In such circumstances I considered we would change the pace to get goals and three points. Although we could get the pace to some extent and make chances, to call "air pockets" we were one step behind to treat the cross and concede the goal. We tried to attack for goals with incurring risks, but couldn't get and conceded the second goals from a counter.

Shimizu:Tese(76min), Matsubara(90+3)


Member(Only Niigata):
GK Morita
DF Yano, Ono, Song, N.Sakai
MF Hara, Koizumi, Kato, Naruoka(61:Tanaka)
FW Yamazaki(77:Suzuki),Roni(85:Thiago Galhardo)

Subs Not Used:Otani,Kawaguchi,Nishimura, Homma

Standing:11th >>> 15th 1PT GD-3(GF2 GA5)
Full Standings(J League Official Web Page)

Next Game: Against Tosu 15th March KO19:00(League Cup Group stage Game1)


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2017 Orange League [Match/Competition]

Whom does "Orange" shirts fit best ?
It has nothing to do with league postion,
Battle just for pride of "orange"
That is "Orange League"
This is unofficial contest competed among J1's three Orange teams, Shimizu Spulse, Omiya Ardija and Albirex Niigata.
The position is determined only from the results of orange derby games in J1 leauge.
If win, they would get nothging but the Pride.
This season Shimizu are to the competition!
Who will win the Orange pride?

Game Schedule 2017
-Simizu - Omiya(16th Apr.)
-Niigata - Omiya(17 Jun.)
-Omiya - Niigata(13 Aug.)
-Omiya - Shimizu(TBD)
-Shimizu - Niigata(26th Nov.)
Orange League Winners(Since 2004)
2015:Niigata Shimizu(Tie)

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Albirex Players result: Nadeshiko Japan Algarve Cup [Ladies Team]

Albirex Players result: Nadeshiko Japan Algarve Cup

Japan women's ineternational called Nadeshiko Japan fininshed 6th place in the annual tournanament Algarve Cup held in Portugal.Two of Niigata Ladies'players, Yuri Kawamura and Kaede Nakamura attended the copetition.
Here are iniviual results of them

Group League Game1
Japan 1-2 Spain
Yuri Kawamura: No Appearance
Kaede Nakamura: No Appearance

Group Leaggue Game2
Japan 2-0 Iceland
Yuri Kawamura: Played 90 mins as MF
Kaede Nakamura: Played 90 mins as DF

Kawamura's comment on the game
"We still have problems despite of winning. I believe, during hard time of team whether myself could work hard becomes team's power."

Group League Game3
Japan 2-0 Norway
Yuri Kawamura: Played 60 mins as a starting MF
Kaede Nakamura: Played 90 mins as DF

Game of 5th/6th Place
Japan 2-3 Netherland
Yuri Kawamura: Played 45 mins as a starting MF
Kaede Nakamura: Played 90 mins as DF

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