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Season Preview - Pre season [column]

Niigata's realistic goal seems to keep themselves in the first division while the club announce higher than fifth place as their target. That's because effect upon the team of the loss of their influential players, Sakamoto, Silvinho, and Edmilson is huger than the reinforcement of bringing new players includes six rookies who have just graduated form high school.

New Brazilians definitely have potential. Alessandro led the team to first division of Brazilian national league with the individual title as a top scorer last season. On the other hand, Davi also promoted the team into 2nd div.. However too much expectation for those new Brazillians is like a gamble because their success depends on thier adaptation to lives, soccer and other environment in Japan.

Also,they couldn't spent camps in Guam and in Sizuoka saticefactorily due to injuries and calls to national teams .As for Marcio, he hardly joined full training, which will force him out of members for the opening match,
even early stages of the league at worst.

Lack of establishment of combination among players is apparent as they couldn't win in seven practice matches. You may say in pre-season, the contents rather than results should be valued(actually, they have gradually showed improvement of combination like a couple goal from Yano and Alessandro in the last game.)
,but looking back the pre season totally, their new season is worrying rather than a treat.
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Mate, good luck for the 2008 season. 頑張れ!
Ive always been a Niigata fan, admiring their fans and players. Unfortunately I havent had the chance to see them live yet because as a Sendai supporter Niigata were in the J2 when Vegalta was in the J1 and vice versa when Vegalta were relegated and Niigata promoted! Damn... so now, rather then the relegation of Niigata I have to hope for the promotion of Vegalta (chance) or FC Gifu (negative chance!) in 2008!
But I'm sure Niigata will have enough fire power to keep out of relegation territory this year. I wouldn't worry too much just yet!
Anyway, catch you in 2009! lol

by richy (2008-03-07 23:09) 


by richy (2008-03-07 23:11) 


Richy san.
Thank you for visiting my blog and cheering my Niigata.
but I can't be positive this year. I feel uneasy. but I am very pleased with your encouragement.

I like Sendai because their fans are also great. Are Gifu fans also good? I wish Sendai and Gifu both promoto to J1 next season and would like to watch the match with us. I keep up with your team up date by your blog.

Anyway enjoy new season together.
Cheers, mate!

by orange (2008-03-08 00:17) 



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