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Season preview2 - Tactics and players [column]

As for formation, the manager Suzuki continues to use a four-four-two system and demands players high tempo in attacks and defence just like last season. The hard-working tactics is modern and impotant for the team who doesn't have many talents.

However this season seems tough for them as mentioned in the last article.If they would really struggle for earning points and fought for keeping their place at J1 league, Suzuki would have to make realistic strategy while he would tend to keep using four back system. Nevertheless last season, it is true even when they defeated in four sussesive games he never changed his mind, which led the team 6 place as a result. I believe him anyway.

Below is situation in each positions.

GK will be Kitano. Nozawa who had been a regular two years ago and ex-U-23 GK Kurokawa is also be in the race for the position. Anyone of the three have potencial to get starting role. There is no problems with this postion from the view points of both quality and quantity.

For Centeral Defender Chiyotanda get regular position. his partner will be Nagata. Kaimoto is alternative. However both two players tend to get injured, as for Kaiomoto he has aging-induced physical decay ,therefore even a rookie, Daisuke Suzuki have chance to get position. A side back Matsuo, Nakano, and defensive midfielder Chiba can also play this role.

As for side backs, regular positons seems confirmed as Uchida is for the right and Matsuo is for the left. There's problems with their back-ups, especially right positon. Nakano and Micheal play for the left while right doesn't have back-up members especially as indicates that originally midfielder Matushita and central defender Suzuki played that role in practice matches. Uchida is injured now.

In the central midfield, Honma and Chiba form a pair. Terakawa have quality to get a starting role but is a back-up member due to his age.Other back-ups are thought to be Matsushita and Davi. In the camp, they try to bring Matsuo of a left side back into the position.

The manager expected Marcio Richardes and Davi as the side attacker. As Richardes haven't played practice match due to injury to an Achilles' tendon, he will not play the opening game and some games. Tanaka,Matsushita,Kawahara,or Terakawa can play at right flank but cannot be expected to play Marcio's role. Kogure can also be a back up because he has plays it for some practice matches and made assist to a goal.

Yano and Alessandro are the manager's first choice for up front. However, if the new brazilian singing is disappointing the manager, Kawahara who sometimes changed the pace of the game as a substitute last season would play the role. The rookie, Kawamata may also have a chance,although he is not expected to contribute to the team immediately. You have to say team doesn't have enough talent in this position.

Over all the team are not deep in regular-class players therefore it is certain that the team's ups and downs depends on adaptation of new brazilians and the rise of rookies.

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Great analysis Orange.

I think is time for a new coach in 2009. Jun Susuki close a era, but we need a new era.

Only rookies for this year (Sapporo do same stategy and left the last place in the J2).

We need a new era, not only a new football system o new players. The team managment Orange ¡¡, is time for a change. With almost 40.000 per match, we are the second best assitence in the League, but Albirex work like if are a little team (Mito o Cerezo). Albirex dont have ambitions, and with this mentality is only time for to see ALbirex in the J2.

What happened with Albirex Sinagapore?? I dream a superplayer (like Pele or Maradona) born in Albirex Singapore and play in Albirex Niigata. LOL
by Dan (2008-03-23 05:11) 


Dan,Thank you for your comment.
it may be correct. To change coach sometimes makes immidiate effect.
But for me, I still admire Suzuki.
To watch the game, their football looks no good but no bad. many of goals conceded is caused by theirselves, simply misses. their new brazillian apparently need time to improve combination with team mates. To consider no win in four games so far, something is neccesary to the team. but I storngly expect improvement of them without sacking Suzuki.
by orange (2008-03-24 23:22) 


Hi Orange.
Is true Jun Susuzi is a symbol of Niigata, hes is not a bad coach, but Albirex need in future a more strong game system.
Only keep the team in J1 is a poor startegy.
by Dan (2008-03-26 05:50) 



Good to see a blog for non-japanese speakers. I have a question, that I hope you can help me with. I'd be intrested if you have more informations about Marcos Tulio Lopes Silva. I would like to know if you have any matchs/goals statistics for the seasons 2000 & 2001, he was actually the number 10 of the squad.
by Ryuk (2009-10-11 20:30) 



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