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Your Big Match Guide vs Kashima [Match Preview]

J1 League Game 31
Niigata vs Kashima
16:00 9th Nov. 2008
@ Kashima Soccer Stadium

League Comparison
Position(pts): Niigata13(37) Kashima1(53)
Goals For: Niigata27 Kashima53
Goals Against: Niigata41 Kashima30
Goal Difference: Niigata-14 Kashima2

Head to Head(J1 League)
Overall:W.2(1) D.3(3) L.6(5)
Kashima Soccer Stadium:W.0(0) D.1(1) L.4(3)
Goals For 14(10):Honma1(1), Yano1(1)
Goals Against 25(22):Ogasawara4(4),Tashiro4(4),Araiba2(2),Nozawa2(2),Marquinhoa1(1),Iwamasa1(1),Motoyama1(1)
(Only scorers who currently belong to the club)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Kashima: None

Matach News
Kashima's Marquinhos is at the top of a goal ranking with 21 goals, while Alessandro is 3rd with 11 goals.

Kashima managed close victory against a university team with penalties in the last week's emperors cup while Niigata made 2-0 comfortable win over J2 side Yokohama.

Kashima's motoyama recovered from pain in the low back.

Marcio will play after two game suspention.

Matsuo and Matsushita receovered from injuries.

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Steve from Soilent Green


I will be going to the Niigata/Omiya game next week

Will you be there?

by Steve from Soilent Green (2008-11-15 21:50) 


Hi, Steve.
I welcom you.
I'll also be there.

It 'll be the biggest match of the season for you and for me.

maybe we can meet.
by orange (2008-11-18 22:55) 

Steve from Soilent Green

I'll be in the away supporters section. Meet at halftime? I'm a big white guy with a beard and an Omiya Ardija hat most likely
by Steve from Soilent Green (2008-11-22 19:26) 


sorry , steve.

I can't go today because of my work.

next season, I would like to go nack 5 stadium.

hope the good game.

by orange (2008-11-23 12:31) 

steve from soilent green

Yeah figured it would be tough to meet. the judge yesterday was awful on both sides. He really ruined the game. Well maybe if Furtho and the league time it right, we can all meet at NACK next year to watch J1 soccer.

Anyhow good luck with the rest of your season!
by steve from soilent green (2008-11-24 12:50) 



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