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Cho Challeng WC Qualifiers [National Duty]

South Korean FA called Cho Young Cheol for members of their World Cup qualifing games against Lebanon(2nd Sep.) and Kwait(6th).

He will leave Niigata from this Sunday(28th) and No league games is held at the such calling period the because Japan also has World Cup qualifiers, therefore his absence doesn't affect the team.

He has three caps of South Korea international but He didn't play the last match against Japan two weeks ago.
He is registered as a defender as usual.. 

Young Cheol's comment isuued on the club's official page
"I'm delighted with being called for South Korean international. I will do my best to contribute to the victory in such important World Cup Qualifiers and also appeal myself to continue getting the international call.  I  would like to maintain myself physically not to be injured and to come back to Niigata with good experience."

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