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Preview:Niigata - Kashiwa [Match Preview]

Niigata visit Kashiwa and meet current the J1 leaders.

Niigagta is still small possibility of relegation while they are at 11th and 8 points clear from 16th Kofu.If they win today and Kofu lose, they secure next season's J1 place numerically. Also, cosidering that they will meet G.Osaka and Kofu without regular member Suzuki and G.Sakai due to Japan's Olympic qualifiers, they seem to want to win today and fix them at J1 next season.

Looking at data of the head to head against Kashiwa, Niigata is virtually tied with the home team with the result of 3 win 4 draw 4 lose.As far as away game(both at Kashiwa and Kashiwanoha), they have never been beaten(2 win 3draw).The results is pleasing although data is data after all.

Concentlating of today's game, both teams have one player suspended(Niigata's Michel and Kashiwa's Kurisawa) but it blows Niigata more than Kashiwa because only Michel can provide depth to the team.

Kurosaki experimented 4-3-3 tactics in the recent trainging for the squad without Michel.
Thinking Michel's suspenstion and Kashiwa's offensive power, Allocation of three central MF(Homma, Kobayashi, Kikuchi) may make sense. Let's see conservative Kurosaki use which the 4-3-3 or familiar 4-2-2.

Another problem for Niigata is right back. Murakami and Uchida(deconditioning) left the team' training until this Monday. Their third choice Fujita who got a regular position early part of the season is an attacking player but a little bit worrying about his defense.

On the other hand,  Come-back of MF Leandro Domingues and DF Kondo will boost Kashiwa.They can use regular strong squad.

Anyway the game between two team who are highly motivated and keep good results will be very interesting.
Albirex Niigata - Kashiwa Reysol
J-1 League Game 31 @ Kashiwa Hitachi Stadium Kick Off:14:00
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