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Hayakawa To University [Youth Team]

Niigata Youth's promissing young star Fumiya Hayakawa decided to go to a university instead of playing the top team after graduating a high school next year.

The 17 year old FW contribute to Japan's progress to the last 8 in U-17 World Cup early summer with 3 goals.Also, He is already registared in the top team despite not playing so far and expected to play for the top team next season.

According to Niigata Nippo, He thinks it important to go to a university because he wants to become a coach or teacher in the future. The culb respect his will and agrees to it.  
However the Niigata Nippo also told he wants professional career at Albirex after graduation before becoming a teacher.

In Japan, not many but some players become pro soccer players after the University.
I want him to grow up at the university and come back to the team four years later.

Good Luck!


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