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Mitsugu Tamura, "team can ahieve it" [Top Team]

Here is a what albirex Niigata club president Mitsugu Tamura say at a season-start press conference"

Mitsugu Tamura, President
"Thank you for coming today. 2014 season starts soon. Last season, latter half of season, we payed well and showed powerful form. Sevral players leave but I think, we got players who can replace them or are better than them. We as a club think the team aims to get qualification for ACL this season same as last season and also pursue some title.

As for it, team have to pile up points more than last season. It's just a "what-if" but we standed 8 points under from champipons and 5 points from third place, which means we need to win two or three more games. We were defeated against 17 and 18 placed team and also we had some games that we missed by a hair. if we win such games, we could achieve it. I hope you expect the team show aggressive soccer more than last season under Yanagishita."
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