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Yanagishita, "We will finish higher place" [Top Team]

Here is Manager Yanagishit's interview at press congerence in 16 Janualy.

 "Hello. This seson, we added 8 new faces and will fight with a total of 26 players.

 Last season we could make up soccer style of Albirex Niigata . especially latter half we could show qualities and achieve results. We set aggressive goal this season and will do our best to pursue.But if we do same as last season, it will be difficult. It will be tough to keep getting points without playing more accurately. We train hard for it. Would you please give us supports unchange as ever.

 -What do you expect to new players?

"I watched Ono's play at Shonan. As he had already told, he played very speedily. And also he can defend strictly.I have an impression that he can fight. If he could show his play at ground, he strenthen the team.

 As for Yuki(Kobayashi), I was with him for a year, Good point is not to lose a ball easily. And he can deliver a ball to the place which troubles oppornents. I expect him to do so in the game and training.

 As for Kato. I haven't watched him for real but when I watched some games of Ehime, I felt his left foot kick is of  high accuracy. He is a player who can play with moving, which is that I ordered to players. I expect him to play so in the game and training.

 I have talked about Morita with GK coach Ishino since last year, Acturally we offer him but it was turned down. We have talked he would become a good player with experience although he were stil young and didn't have experience so much. I think he has grown up because he played more than thirty games for Toyama. I believe he defend Niigata goal and settle the team.

 As for Koizumi, A scout told me that he had said to want to play at Niigata. I think it most important so I answered "yes". Actually I hadn't watched him but in the game with Ichifuna H.S. in the qualififer to the all Japan high school championship, I didn't find him in the middle, although I heard he was a volante but he played centre back role to mark oppornents' ace player. I think he is a player who is strong and steal a ball from opoornents. He can fight in the difficult time. I want to see him well in the training how he play.   

 As for Goson (Sakai). he has trained with the top team more than one year. He has an unbashed personlity  despite he is young Also, he can direct at his age is good. He can grow up in the training and game.

 As for Son, I watched some games on the video. I have a good impression that he is very calm and can do both attack and defence.

 As for Matsubara, he moved back and forth fast in the game with Oita last season and he can attack. I think he fits Niigata soccer.

 Because they have somthing better than current players, They make the team stronger and I believe we will finish at the higher place than last season.

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