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Internationl Results: AFC U-22 Championship [National Duty]

FW Musashi Suzuki, DF Naoki Kawaguchi, new signing Ken Matsubara and Song Ju Hun attend the AFC's U-22 Championship.Japan was defeated at quater final while Song's South Korea finished fourth place.
Here are all their results on the competition.

Group League
Game1(12 Jan): Japan 3-3 Iran
Suzuki played 90 mins.
Kawaguchi played 60 mins and was substituted with Matsubara.

Game2(14 Jan): Japan 0-0 Kuwait
Musashi Suzuki nad Ken Matsubara played 90 mins.
Kawaguchi didn't play.

Game3(16 Jan): Japan 4-0 Australia
Kawaguchi played 90 mins.
Suzuki started to play 75 mins.
Matsubara didn't play.

Quarter Final(20 Jan):Japan 0-1 Iraq
Kawaguchi and Suzuki played 90 mins.
Matsubara didn't play.

Korea Republic
Game1(11 Jan): Korea Rep. 1-1 Jordan
Son didn't play.

Game2(13 Jan):Korea Rep. 3-0 Myanmar
Son didn't play.

Game3(15 Jan) Korea Rep. 2-0 Oman
Son played final 7 minutes as a substitute.

Quarter Final(19 Jan) Korea Rep. 2-1 Syria
Son went in the pitch in 72 minute as a substitute.

Semi Final(23 Jan Korea Rep. 0-1 Iraq
Son played final 2 minutes as a substitute.

3rd/4th Placing(25 Jan) Korea Rep. 0-0(2-3PS) Jordan
Son Played full of the game.

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