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Matsubara's international result [National Duty]

DF Ken Matsubara was called for Japan international team. They played two matches which were the first two games under their new coach Javier Aguire reign. Although he used most of squad member, Matsubara couldn't get a chance to play. 

Here are Matsubara's comment on the call.
"Despite I was chargined not to play the games, The call itself stimulated me."
"International team is very different one. quality of even the prctice is different. There were many things that I should steal from oversea players with various experience.
"I could't play because I don't have enough ability."
"Difference is strongness As for diffence, especially one on one situation  you must not lose the situtation. 


Japan 0-2 Uruguay(5 Sep. 2014)
Matsubara:No apperance

Japan 2-2 Venezuela(9 Sep. 2014)
Matsubara:No apperance

 Albirex Players:Ken Matsubara


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