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Niigata vs Tosu Preview [Match Preview]

Albirex Niigata vs Sagan Tosu
17:00 21th Apr. 2011
@ Best Amenity Stadium

League Comparison
Position(pts): Niigata13(5) Tosu9(7)
Goals For: Niigata 4 Tosu 6
Goals Against: Niigata 6 Tosu 3
Goal Difference: Niigata -2 Tosu 3

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Tosu: None

Match Info.
Tosu didn't have a league cup game this week and the game tomorrow is held at their home. These are disadvantage for Niigata. To deal with this situation, they didn't use eight regular members In the Wednesday's league cup game against Kobe.

About Niigata
Niigata won two games in a row. Also, they achieved clean sheets in these three games. With GK Higashiguchi's comeback, Niigata's defense've become stable.  However they have troubles to score goals. They didn't have games which they scored more than two goals.Despite of Tosu's current good form, Niigata are superior to the newly promoted team in the viewpoint of both team and individual strength. It's natural to say, but if Niigata would score, they will win the game.  Now all albirex players think so.

About Tosu
Tosu promoted to J1 this season. Before the season Tosu was thought  one of the favorites to relegate. In this point, to be sad, Niigata is also expected to go down. However they've got results so far althouth I don't know how they fight well. They had three win out of six games. The got six goals and three goals against. It is not special note but is well balanced. As for Tosu players, They avoided to lose regular members. That might be why they got good start surprisingly. Especially they could keep their striker Yohei Toyoda who recieved J2 golden boots with twenty three goals. Another key player is Kota Mizunuma who have football sense belongging to his farther and Marions legend Takashi Mizunuma.

Anyway Niigata need victory in anyway to keep improving.

Preview:Niigata - Kashiwa [Match Preview]

Niigata visit Kashiwa and meet current the J1 leaders.

Niigagta is still small possibility of relegation while they are at 11th and 8 points clear from 16th Kofu.If they win today and Kofu lose, they secure next season's J1 place numerically. Also, cosidering that they will meet G.Osaka and Kofu without regular member Suzuki and G.Sakai due to Japan's Olympic qualifiers, they seem to want to win today and fix them at J1 next season.

Looking at data of the head to head against Kashiwa, Niigata is virtually tied with the home team with the result of 3 win 4 draw 4 lose.As far as away game(both at Kashiwa and Kashiwanoha), they have never been beaten(2 win 3draw).The results is pleasing although data is data after all.

Concentlating of today's game, both teams have one player suspended(Niigata's Michel and Kashiwa's Kurisawa) but it blows Niigata more than Kashiwa because only Michel can provide depth to the team.

Kurosaki experimented 4-3-3 tactics in the recent trainging for the squad without Michel.
Thinking Michel's suspenstion and Kashiwa's offensive power, Allocation of three central MF(Homma, Kobayashi, Kikuchi) may make sense. Let's see conservative Kurosaki use which the 4-3-3 or familiar 4-2-2.

Another problem for Niigata is right back. Murakami and Uchida(deconditioning) left the team' training until this Monday. Their third choice Fujita who got a regular position early part of the season is an attacking player but a little bit worrying about his defense.

On the other hand,  Come-back of MF Leandro Domingues and DF Kondo will boost Kashiwa.They can use regular strong squad.

Anyway the game between two team who are highly motivated and keep good results will be very interesting.
Albirex Niigata - Kashiwa Reysol
J-1 League Game 31 @ Kashiwa Hitachi Stadium Kick Off:14:00

Your Big Match Guide vs Kashima [Match Preview]

J1 League Game 31
Niigata vs Kashima
16:00 9th Nov. 2008
@ Kashima Soccer Stadium

League Comparison
Position(pts): Niigata13(37) Kashima1(53)
Goals For: Niigata27 Kashima53
Goals Against: Niigata41 Kashima30
Goal Difference: Niigata-14 Kashima2

Head to Head(J1 League)
Overall:W.2(1) D.3(3) L.6(5)
Kashima Soccer Stadium:W.0(0) D.1(1) L.4(3)
Goals For 14(10):Honma1(1), Yano1(1)
Goals Against 25(22):Ogasawara4(4),Tashiro4(4),Araiba2(2),Nozawa2(2),Marquinhoa1(1),Iwamasa1(1),Motoyama1(1)
(Only scorers who currently belong to the club)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Kashima: None

Matach News
Kashima's Marquinhos is at the top of a goal ranking with 21 goals, while Alessandro is 3rd with 11 goals.

Kashima managed close victory against a university team with penalties in the last week's emperors cup while Niigata made 2-0 comfortable win over J2 side Yokohama.

Kashima's motoyama recovered from pain in the low back.

Marcio will play after two game suspention.

Matsuo and Matsushita receovered from injuries.

Your Big Match Guide vs. Omiya [Match Preview]

J1 Game 15
Niigata vs Omiya
19:00 16th June
@ Saitama Urawa Komaba Stadium

League Comparison
Position(pts): Niigata4(23) Omiya16(11)
Goals For: Niigata(22) Omiya(8)
Goals Against: Niigata(21) Omiya(15)
Goal Difference: Niigata(1) Omiya(-7)

Head to Head(J1)
Overall:W.12(3) D.4(0) L.11(1)
Saitama Urawa Komaba Stadium:W.2(0) D.0(0) L.6(0)
Goals For 42(10):Edmilson4(4),Suzuki3(0),Terakawa1(0),Honma1(0)
Goals Against36(6):Fujimoto3(2),Saito2(0),Sakurai1(1),D.Kobayashi1(1),Tomita1(0)
(Only scorers who currently belong to the club)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Omiya: Hato

Match News
Niigata have chance to climb 2nd place of the table.
Omiya haven't lost in 5 games including 3 draws with Kashiwa, Kawasaki and Urawa.

Proud of Orange(Orange Derby)

Simizu 3-1 Niigata
Omiya 1-2 Simizu
Omiya - Niigata(Jun.16)
Shimizu - Omiya(Aug.11)
Niigata - Simizu(Aug 26)
Niigata -Omiya(Oct.6)

Your Big Match Guide vs Nagoya [Match Preview]

League Cup Group Leauge Game 6
Niigata vs Nagoya
19:00 23rd May
@ Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium

League Cup Comparison
Position(pts): Niigata3(8) Nagoya4(1)
Goals For: Niigata(8) Nagoya(5)
Goals Against: Niigata(6) Nagoya(11)
Goal Difference: Niigata(2) Nagoya(-6)

Head to Head(League Cup)
Overall:W.4(1) D.3(1) L.3(1)
Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium:W.2(0) D.1(0) L.1(1)
Goals For 12(4):Edmilson3(2),S.Suzuki2(1),Fukai1(1),Kaimoto1(0),Own Goal1(0)
Goals Against 11(4):Johnsen2(0),Honda2(0),Tamada1(1),Katayama1(1),Kim1(0),Tsuda1(0)
(Only scorers who currently belong to the club)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Nagoya: None

Match News
How Niigata progress into knock-out rounda?
Get 1st place(straight into next stage)
-Niigata must win
-Draw between Kashima vs Kofu

Your Big Match Guide vs Kofu [Match Preview]

J1 League Game 10
Niigata vs Kofu
14:00 6th May
@ Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium

League Comparison
Position(pts): Niigata10(13) Kofu9(13)
Goals For: Niigata(10) Iwata(13)
Goals Against: Niigata(13) Iwata(15)
Goal Difference: Niigata(-3) Iwata(-2)

Head to Head(J1 League)
Overall:W.15(2) D.4(0) L.4(0)
Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium:W.5(1) D.1(0) L.0(0)
Goals For 46(7):S.Suzuki7(2),Terakawa3(0),Edmilson2(2),Kawahara1(1),Tanaka1(1),Yano1(1),Marcio1(0),Honma1(0)
Goals Against 18(0):Tsurumi2(0),Sudo1(0),Ishihara1(0),Nasu1(0)
(Only scorers who currently belong to the club)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Kofu: None

Matach News
Silvinho may play for the first time for 4 games after injury.
Kofu made 3 succesive wins and jumped up to 9th place,just ahead of Niigata.

Your Big Match Guide vs Iwata [Match Preview]

J1 League Game 23
Niigata vs Iwata
19:00 9th September
@ Yamaha Stadium

League Comparison

Position(pts): Niigata12(27) Iwata10(28)
Goals For: Niigata(27) Iwata(34)
Goals Against: Niigata(39) Iwata(31)
Goal Difference: Niigata(-12) Iwata(3)

Head to Head(J1 League)
:W.1(1) D.2(0) L.5(4)
Yamaha Stadium:W.1(1) D.1(0) L.2(1)
Goals For 7(5):Edmilson3(3),S.Suzuki1(0)
Goals Against 13(10):Fukunishi3(2),Naruoka2(2),Tanaka2(1),Ota1(1),Cullen1(1),Nishino1(0)
(Only scorers who belong to the club now)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Urawa: None

Matach News
Silvinho will play for the first time for 6 games after injury.
Nozawa will substitute for injured Kitano.
Former Kahsima side back Uchida will make the first start since he joined the team in june.

Your Big Match Guide vs Urawa [Match Preview]

J1 League Game 16
Niigata vs Urawa
19:00 23st August
@ Saitama Stadium

League Comparison
: Niigata9(26) Urawa2(37)
Goals For: Niigata(23) Urawa(36)
Goals Against: Niigata(30) Urawa(13)
Goal Difference: Niigata(-7) Urawa(23)

Head to Head(J1 League)
W.4(1) D.0(0) L.9(4)
Saitama Stadium:W.0(0) D.0(0) L.3(2)
Goals For 22(4):Edmilson6(3),S.Suzuki2(0),Silvinho1(1),Terakawa1(0),Fabinho1(0),
Goals Against 34(14):Yamada4(3),Okano2(0),Nene1(1),Tanaka1(1),Ponte1(1),Horinouchi1(1),Ponte1(1),Nagai1(0)Suzuki1(0),
(Only scorers who belong to the club now)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Urawa: None

Matach News
Kita play central defence as Nakano was injured last game.
Chiba will play from the start for the firs time and play right defender role a substitue for suspended Mita.
Urawa's Manager Buchwald warns Niigata's counter attack.
Urawa's marksman Washington is in form as he got 1 goal and 1 assist against Kashima last game after he comes back from a pull muscle in his left foot.

Your Big Match Guide vs Yokohama [Match Preview]

J1 League Game 16
Niigata vs Yokohama F Marinos
19:00 28st July
@ Nissan Stadium

League Comparison

Position(pts): Niigata9(23) Yokohama12(19)
Goals For: Niigata(20) Yokohama(23)
Goals Against: Niigata(25) Yokohama(21)
Goal Difference: Niigata(-5) Yokohama(2)

Head to Head(J1 League)
:W.2(2) D.0(0) L.2(2)
Nissan Stadium:W.1(1) D.0(0) L.1(1)
Goals For 5(5):Edmilson2(2),S.Suzuki2(2)
Goals Against 8(8):Oku2(2),Kubo1(1),Sakata1(1),Oshima1(1),Kawai1(1),H.Tanaka1(1)
(Only scorers who belong to the club now)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

Matach News
Nakano is suspended by four yellow cards.
Yokohama's manager Okada now has massive pressure to resign because of their out-of-form

Your Big Match Guide Niigata vs Kashima [Match Preview]

J1 League Game 15
Niigata vs Kashima Antlers
19:00 26st July
@ Niigata Stadium

League Comparison
: Niigata7(23) Kashima4(25)
Goals For: Niigata(20) Kashima(25)
Goals Against: Niigata(24) Kashima(23)
Goal Difference: Niigata(-4) Kashima(2)

Head to Head(J1 League)
Overall:W.1(1) D.2(2) L.1(1)
Niigata Stadium:W.1(1) D.1(1) L.0(0)
Goals For 7(7):Edmilson2(2),Fabinho2(2),Kita1(1)
Goals Against 11(11):Ogasawara3(3),Fernando1(1),Ishikawa1(1),Motoyama1(1),Haneda1(1),Araiba1(1),Alex Mineiro1(1),Nozawa1(1)
(Only scorers who belong to the club now)

Possible Squad(Niigata):4-4-2

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