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Shizuoka Camp Starts [Top Team]

Albirex Niigata has started their second preseason camp today until 27th Feb. at J Step in Shizuoka .
They execute training mainly on tactics while they trained phyical condition in Kochi.
They plan two training match so far. the first is to meet JFL side, SONY Sendai, and the oppornents is not decided for the second game.

Preseason schedule and Result

First Training Camp in Kochi(24 Jan. - 11 Feb.)
 -Trainin Match 1(vs Kochi University 8-0)
 -Trainin Match 2(vs Tokyo Verdy 1-2)
 -Trainin Match 3(vs Gainare Tottori 1-0)

Second Training Camp in Shizuoka(15 Feb. - 27 Feb.)
 -Trainin Match 4(vs SONY Sendai)
 -Trainin Match 5(Opponents Not Decided Yet)

J League Opening Match(5 March)
 vs Abispa Fukuoka @ Level-5 Stadium

Masuda Nominated for High School All Star team [Top Team]

Rookie Shigeto Masuda is named for a candidate of High School select team.The selection made through the short camp from 11th to 13th Feb.
The select team meet U-18 J League select team next month and also participate in international tournament held in Europe on April.

Masuda's Reaction
"If I am selected, I'm pleased because I could paly foreign teams, whose experience help my career.I'm also glad to play with players who are oppornents in High School Tournament as well as my teammate of Ryukei Kashiwa high school. " 

Training Match Result:VS Tokyo Verdy [Top Team]

Albirex Niigata 1-2 Tokyo Verdy
6th Feb.

1st:0-0, 2nd1-0, 3rd0-2
(45minutes per period)

Scorer:Cho Young Cheol

Starting Squad:
DF:Fujita, Chiba, Kikuchi, Ishikawa
MF:Kato, Kobayashi, Homma, Cho
FW:Oshima, Bruno

Reaction to the game
"Players' stamina for a game is getting improved. They could do whatis expected for defence to some extent."
"Although players were tired, they played aggresively. We are building up their physical strength again.

Cho Young Choel
"I could create chances and there're chances I should score. I'm going to concentrate in finishing."
"I could broke thourgh the defence sometimes but I had to do more."
"If my condition got improved, I could perform better."

"I would like to improve defending aspect like intercepting."
"I reflect on the play that I looked for teammates after I received a ball when linking with teammates got worse."

To defense line,"It is not perfect yet but we are getting to share the sense for it."
"I am confident in I could hold scoreless(when I played) but It is important to keep it."
"I want to have initiative for attacking."

"I could played well although I appeared nearly 70 minutes. My physical condition is getting improved."

2011 New Top Team Revealed Part 1. [Top Team]

Albirex Niigata held a press conference to show new players and their slogan.

2011 Club Slogan
2011 Team Slogan

New Players(Name,Position,Age)
-Naoki Ishikawa, DF, 25
-Seiya Fujita, MF, 23
-Ayato Hasebe, DF,20
-Shigeto Masuda, DF, 18
-Yasuhiro Watanabe, GK,18
-Noriyoshi Sakai, FW, 18
-Naoya Kikuchi,MF, 26

New Staff
-Santos, Coach, 50
-Keisuke Otsuka, Physical Coach, 33

*Age is as of Jan. 18

Marcio selected "Best Eleven" [Top Team]

J League revealed this year's "Best Eleven". Marcio Richardes became the first player selected.
The section is to choose 29 players at first by managers and players of J1 clubs. And then Selection comittee named "Best Eleven" from them.
Marcio participated in annual after-season ceremony "J League Awards" tonight.

Tranning match Result [Top Team]

Tranning match Result

Here is results of three training match held in Guam Camp.
The team has moved to Shizuoka to have the 2nd preseason camp from 19th Feb..

Niigata 0-2 Urawa
35mins *2

Niigata 1-2 Kobe
45mins * 2



Niigata 1-1 Sapporo
45mins * 2



League Aprrove Chiba Apeal [Top Team]

J leauge annnouced they approved Chiba to play Saturday's away game against Kawasaki.
The team exerised restraint in his playing in the last league match agaist Omiya because he may have interfere with the league's anti-doping regulation by using ointment including steroid substances. According to the league, the team should not pre-report its use to the league if they do its proper usage.
Also , Chiba tested doping-negative.

Fukai set for Niigata [Top Team]

Masaki Fukai said "I'll join Niigata who appreciate me highly "after talking his future with his team Kashima.The 161cm striker has implied to leaving the J league giants to seek regular position since the last season ended.The contract will be a-year loan spell and the the 26 year old also said that he would like to rejoin Kashima after this season.

Niigata Face UEFA Champ [Top Team]

According to Niigata Nippo(local paper) , the team will meet spanish team, Sevilla as a friendly match on August 4th.The match will be held at the city of Niigata Stadium(Not Big Swan)The Spanish have Argentine striker Saviola who, ofcourse ,attends World Cup and are winners of the last season's Uefa Cup. It is second time for Niigata to meet spanish club. Last time they beat Valencia by 5-2 at Big Swan two years ago.

Albirex for the World ? [Top Team]

There are some reoports that FIFA, the wold football governing body approved the attendance of the this season 's league winner to the world club championship in december as a host country club.Nomally to play for it, you should win the Asia Champions League which champions of Jleague and the emperor's cup can attend. They will meet representatives of Oseania in the first of round of the competition. So, the this season will be the first chance for Albirex to challenge to take the place in the grobal competition.