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1: Roger Gaucho: First Goal [Numbers]

 New signing Roger Gaucho made his first goal for Albirex in yesterday's 4-2 comeback win against Iwata. In 85 minutes when Niigata led the game by 3-2, Roger made an indivisual goal from a counter attack. The Brazilian passed several defenders by dribbling from right frank into the center before he shot.

He doesn't look get used to Japanese football and haven't esterblished combination with his team mate yet.
But Hope this would transform his situation.

See Also, Players's info: Roger Gaucho

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1:Roger Gaucho: League Debut [Numbers]

 A new signing Roger Gaucho made a first appearance in a 0-1 defeat against Kashima Antlers last Saturday.
 He came out from the bench in 61 minute when the team were 10 men. Although the disadvantage, the Brazilian involved Niigata counterattacks sometimes. However he was not fully fit yet as he said after the match. He needs to condition and to get used to speed of Japanese football.

Player's info: Roger Gaucho

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400:Team:400 Goals at J1 [Numbers]

Albirex achieved 400 goal tally in the J1 League when Kengo Kawamata scored a PK in yestereday's 3-1 victory over Shimizu.

Here are team's annivesary goal data.

  •     1:Singo Suzuki(2004 1st stage Game3 vs Kashiwa)
  •     100:Takayuki Nakahara(2006 Game6 vs Hiroshima)
  •     200:Alessandro(2008 Game13 vs Kobe)
  •     300:Marcio Richaldes(2010 Game27 vs F.Tokyo)
  •     400:Kengo Kawamata(2013 Game20 vs Shimizu)

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1: 1st League Goal: Musashi Suzuki [Numbers]

Musashi Suzuki made his first league goal in a 1-2 defeat by Kawasaki Frontale the last game before the break.

After 1 minute later he came from the bench in 69 minutes Musashi Suzuki made an equalizer.
(later Kawasaki made a winner)
The 19 year old FW sloted a ball into the net bodily after Kawamata dribbled deep into the penalty area and centred a ball.

It was his first league goal although he scored in a league cup game against Omiya last season.

Musashi Suzuki Profile
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1:Leo Silva:First Goal [Numbers]

Leo Silva made his first goal for Niigata in the last Saturday's league game against Oita Trinita.
The goal came in 90 minute to equalize the game 2-2, however later in the stoppage time, the team conceded a goal to be defeated.
The Brazilian dribbled into the area on his own after getting Tanaka's pass from left and smashed high far in the goal.

In the following Wednesday's night league cup game against Nagoya, he scored again.

The Brazillian plays the defesive role well in the mid area as his reputation but this time he showed attacking ability. It may mean he got used to Japanese football, which is very important for the foreign players.

We can expect him more now.

Leo Silva Profile
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1:Tatsuya Tanaka:First Goal [Numbers]

Tatsuya Tanaka made a long awaited first goal for Niigata in front of home fans in the league game against Oita last Saturday.
The former Japan internationl sloted home the loose ball just from in front of the goal after the keeper palmed Naroka's header from a cornekick

Past several season at Urawa, he suffered injuries not to get enough chances to play. However his speed and technics are still alive now he has conditioned himself well, which already became essecial weapons for the team. All of the supporters had been waited his goal. and They want more!

Please get Goals, Tatsuya!

Tatsuya Tanaka Profile
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3: Kengo Kawamata: Hat Trick [Numbers]

FW Kengo Kawamata made a hat trick in the yesterday's league game against Tosu at Best Amenity Stadium.
Of corse it was his first time because he scored his career first goal in 3rd of this month.

1st goal came from heading Mikado's cornerkick from right.
2nd goal was easy goal to put a Naruoaka's pass into empty goal.
3rd goal was cool finish to fired low shot after fainting a defender.

The goals meant he scored in three consecutive games.
Hope he keep scoring!

Also it was a first Hat trick made by a Japanse player in the team in 1st division.

All Albirex hat trick in J1 league

-Edmilson vs Iwata (A) 20 Nov. 2005
-Pedro Junior vs Hiroshima (H) 18 Apr. 2009
-Marcio Richaldes vs Sendai (A) 24 July 2010
-Kengo Kawmata vs Tosu (A) 11 May 2013
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1:Kawamata:1st League Goal [Numbers]

Finally the man scored a league goal.

 Kengo Kawamata had joined in 2008 season, playing 29 league games but no goals.
He had been loaned to J2 side Okayama last season to seek more constant opportunities to play.
In Okayama he scored 18goals, 2nd in J2 goal ranking.

 Although he came back to the team with the good record, he played a limited time to play as a substitute of Brazillian Bruno Lopes and former Japan international Tatsuya Tanaka.

 As those two strikers are deconditioned recently, He got a start roles.
He scored his memorable first league in the second league match since he got a start.

He headed a crossball from rookie Kawaguchi perfectly at far post in 52 miniute, which led to the team's 2-1 victory over Shimizu.

Hope Kengo keep scoring from this goal as a start.
"Kengo Go Go! Kengo Go Go! KENGO GO GO GO!"

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1:Kawaguchi:League Debut and assist [Numbers]

Rookie Naoki Kawaguchi made the first league appearance in the previous game aganist Kashima at Big Swan. The eighteen year old DF who had promoted from the youth team showed his attackig performance against league giants without flinchin and he also played well in defence to block experienced Brasilian attacker Juninho.

And yesterday's game against Shimizu, he made an assist of Kawamata's game opener by crossing.
He played with broad sight saying "My team mate were often unmarked" after the match.

As a defender, he has to earn experience more and also get physical strength.
And then he will give the team a lot. I can't fall in expecting his promising growth.

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1:Hideya Okamoto, First goal [Numbers]

Hideya Okamoto who came from Kashima antlers this season made his first goal for Niigata in Wednesday's league cup game against Cerezo Osaka.

In 61 min when the team had been 0-1 behind, he equalized by heading Jinsu's. cross just in front of the goal.

Also, in the game, he scored winner in 85 min to give his team the first win of the season.