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Albirex Players : No.33 Yoshiaki Takagi (2018-) [Squad/Transfer]

Upadate: 25/2/2018 

Kenta Hirose
高木善明 (タカギ ヨシアキ)

Jersey No.33
Born:Kanagawa, 9 Dec. 1992

Yoshiaki Takagi  joined from J2 side Tokyo Verdy in 2018.

He had already played for top team of Tokyo V. when he registed to the academy team. 

When he was 19, He was transfered to Dutch outfit Utrecht. He could played there well since his first season but he suffered broken leg following season.

In the result he went back to Japan in 2014 after he spent 2 half years in Netherland as he signed with J1 side Shiizu on permanent deal. And then he was loand back to Verdy on the following season and was contradted on permanent deal later. He played as a No.10 played led the ledteam to play-off round of J2 last season.

Also He is well known that his father was a famous pro baseball player and his elder and younger brother are pro soccer players for J league clubs. 

Professional Career:

Season League team Jersey No. League(Goals) L.C.(G) E.C.(G)
2009 J2 Tokyo V. 33 0 0 -
2010 J2 Tokyo V. 33 33(5) - 1(0)
2011 J1 Tokyo V. 8 10(1) - -
2014 J1 Shimizu 23 9(0) 3(0) 5(3)
2015 J1 Shimizu 23 4(0) 4(1) -
2015 J2 Tokyo V. 33 18(1) - 2(0)
2016 J2 Tokyo V. 10 37(8) - 2(2)
2017 J2 Tokyo V. 10 37(7) - -

FC Utrecht(Netherland) 2011-2014

First Professional Game/First J League Game; 14 Mar. 2010 Tokyo V. vs Kumamoto(J League 2nd Div. 2 sec.)

 First Professional Goal/First J League Goal; 12 Sep. 2010 Tokyo V. vs Yokohama FC(J League 2nd Div. 25sec.)



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